A man riding a bike on top of a dirt trail.

Trail Design

Our team has 20 years of experience designing trails in a wide variety of different terrains and locations ranging from the mountains to the coast. Our designs will bring out the best characteristics of the style and type of trail you’re looking for. We also offer mapping & GIS services for all the trails we design.

Trail Construction

Although we specialize in the construction of Mountain Bike Optimized Trail, our team also has extensive experience building hiking, equestrian, and OHV (motorized) Trail.

A. Mountain Bike Optimized Trail: Suffice to say, our company has built some of the most popular and iconic mountain biking trails in the Southeastern United States. Regardless of the style of trail, from easy to expert, mild to wild, we have a team that can create the best mountain bike experience possible.

  • Our team has a reputation for building solid trails that put big smiles on people’s faces. We try to create an experience that thrills you and leaves you wanting more. Our novel techniques that are often imitated but never equaled. We use elements of dirt, rock, and wood to create a rhythmic riding experience.
A person on a tractor in the woods.

Wood Structures

One of the skills our team is well known for is creating a variety of wood structures that are custom designed to fit into the forest landscapes. We have many examples of bridges and boardwalks that are both esthetically pleasing, functional & fun to experience first-hand on the trail.


Wood Features

Rock & Concrete