Trail Design
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Blending Art and Science for Exhilarating Trail Experiences

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Crafted Trails for Thrilling Adventures

Trail Dynamics, a minority-owned company based out of Pisgah Forest, NC, was established in 2002. Our mission statement is to design & build trails that are exciting, durable, and take you to beautiful places.

Our team prides itself on building trails that blend elements of art & science. Our trails reflect our philosophy of building quality trails to the highest standard possible. Whether you’re biking, hiking, or running on our trails, we want you to come away feeling like you’ve had a unique experience.

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Trail Design

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Trail Construction

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Trail Assessment

Why Choose Trail Dynamics?

1. Experience

With 20 years of experience designing and building trails in a wide variety of terrains, our team at Trail Dynamics has the knowledge and expertise to create trails that are not only exciting but durable as well.

2. Reputation

Our team has built some of the most popular and iconic mountain biking trails in the Southeastern United States. We have a reputation for building solid trails that put big smiles on people's faces and leave them wanting more.

3. Unique Experience

Our trails blend elements of art and science to create a unique experience for bikers, hikers, and runners alike. We strive to create an exhilarating experience that maximizes fun and excitement for all who use our trails.

4. Quality and Durability

Our philosophy of building quality trails to the highest standard possible ensures that our trails are not only fun but also durable and low-maintenance. We pride ourselves on building trails that require minimal maintenance while still providing a thrilling experience.

5. Variety

From mountain bike-optimized trails to hiking, equestrian, and OHV trails, our team at Trail Dynamics has experience in building a wide variety of trail types. Whether you're looking for an easy ride or a challenging adventure, we have the skills and expertise to create the perfect trail for you.

6. Volunteering

We volunteer our services for a variety of non-profit trail organizations.

1) TPC (The Pisgah Conservancy): We volunteer our team to do pro bono trail work for the annual "Pisgah Pride Day" event.

2) We volunteer our time to lead trail work days for G5, a non-profit trail advocacy organization.

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Unforgettable Experiences

When you choose Trail Dynamics, you can trust that you will get top-quality trails that are designed to take you to beautiful places and provide an unforgettable experience.