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Trail Dynamics Family

Experience: Our minority-owned company was founded by Sophia Sutton in the summer of 2002. We were the first professional trail business to be founded in, NC,. Some of our key employees have worked for Trail Dynamics for 20 years. Our experience as a professional trail company covers all styles and types of trails from Mountain bike, Hiking, Equestrian & OHV (motorized) trails. We have worked extensively for private & public customers throughout the Southeastern US, Middle Atlantic, and our west.

The Trail Dynamics Team

When you hire us, you are hiring the A-TEAM of trail builders. Expect consistently excellent service every time, as we are dedicated to upholding our reputation for durable and low-maintenance trails. As a minority owned and family operated business, we take pride in the art and science of trail building. Our trails offer an exhilarating experience that sets us apart from the competition, providing a level of fun and excitement that is unmatched. Choose Trail Dynamics for trails that are not only high-quality, but also built with passion and expertise.

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1) US Forest Service (USFS)

Our number 1 customer is the USFS, and we have successfully completed over 50 projects with the USFS in the following National Forests.
A) Pisgah National Forest, NC,
B) Nantahala National Forest, NC,
C) Uwharrie National Forest, NC,
D) Apalachicola National Forest Fl
E)Wasatch NF Utah
F)Payette NF Idaho

2) North Carolina Forest Service (NCFS)

A) Our firm has performed over 25 trails contracts in Dupont State Recreational Forest. We've built the following trails in the "Dupont State Recreational Forest"

1) Ridgeline Trails
2) Jim Branch Trail
3) Rocky Ridge Trail
4) Hooker Creek Trail'
5) Reasonover Creek Trail

3) The Pisgah Conservancy (TPC)

This nonprofit is the most significant organization advocating for trails & conservation in Western North Carolina, specifically in the Pisgah National Forest.

A) Our company has successfully completed the first 3 trail-related contracts put out by TPC since its inception in 2025.

4) City of Tallahassee FL & Leon County

A) TD has worked with the City of Tallahassee, FL, and the County of Leon, which encompasses Tallahassee, to maintain & construct new Trails.

5) G-5

Non-Profit Trail Organization located in Old Fort, NC:
A) TD was awarded the first 2 professional contracts for the G-5 trail advocacy organization. We’ve built the following two trails for G5 in Old Fort NC.

1) Gateway Trails
2) Bernard Mt. Trail

6) Polk County, NC

A) TD is currently working with Community Trail Design to build a complete hiking & biking trail system for the local community & to attract recreation-based tourism to the area.

7) Camps We Have Worked for:

1) Camp Greystone (Zirconia, NC)
2) Camp Rockmont (Black Mt. NC)
3) Camp Pinnacle (Hendersonville NC)

Team Skills

Our team has skills honed through 20 years of experience. We have proven we have the skill to build or maintain any style of trail from Hiking, biking, running, equestrian or OHV (motorized).

We have demonstrated our skills at working with dirt, wood, rock, and concrete to create “one-of-a-kind” trail experiences.

Dirt Features

Trail Dynamics is known for building exciting dirt rollers, jumps, and berms blended to create a rhythmic ride experience. Examples are the Gateway Trails in Old Fort, NC, and the Fire Mountain Trails in Cherokee, NC, and the Ridgeline & Jim Branch Trails in Dupont.