Showcase of Trail Projects

Ridgeline Trail

This iconic trail in Dupont Forest, NC, has an 18-year history with Trail Dynamics. The current version, (7.0) is a perfect example of what we refer to as a Rhythm Style Trail. Feature rich and fun but rideable for all ages & skill levels.

A man riding a fat tire bike on top of a dirt road.

Fire Mountain Trails

This trail system located in Cherokee, NC, is 12 miles in length & has a mix of feature rich-rhythmic trails. If you like big rollers, tabletop jumps, big fat berms and fun wood features for all skills, then Fire Mountain will keep you running laps all day and wanting more. The Skilly Trail features wooden gaps, drops, and a 90’ wood wall ride feature. FMT is a good place to see the variety of features our team is well known for.

Every spring, Fire Mountain Trails & the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians host the “Fire Mountain Inferno” enduro race.

A man riding a bike on top of a dirt trail.

Mountain Trails

Gateway Trails

Located in the trail town of Old Fort, NC, these trails, build by our team in 2022, have become one of our most popular new trail systems. The project is supported by the G 5 Collective, and located in the Pisgah National Forest, has helped put the town of Old Fort on the map as a great location to find awesome hiking and super fun and challenging biking trails. The chance to work with the G 5 organization & the USFS on this ambitious project was the honor of a lifetime for our team.

A man riding a bike on top of a dirt trail.

Bernard Mountain Trail

This G 5/USFS project was trail built by TD in 2023 and is phase 2 of the Old Fort Trail System. It was designed and constructed as a narrow, technical “Pisgah Style Trail” with lots of TD rhythm. Bernard Mountain Trail runs across a ridge parallel to the Iconic Kitsuma Trail and can be ridden together with the Kitsuma Trail as a loop.

Black Mountain Extension Trail

This project, funded by The Pisgah Conservancy, was constructed in 2023/2024 to connect a new trailhead parking for the iconic “Black Mountain Trail “in the Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, NC. In addition to trail construction, our team constructed a 50’ stone bridge over a 10’x10’ aluminum culvert. Once the new trailhead parking lot is completed, this trail will allow additional parking for one of the Pisgah National Forest’s most popular trails. 

A group of people standing on top of a stone bridge.

Spencer Gap Trail Pisgah National Forest

The Spencer Gap Trail is in the N Mills River section of the Pisgah National Forest. Including both a challenging climb, and a technical downhill experience, Spencer has become a favorite ride for locals and visitors to the area. Funded by PAS through an RTP grant, Spencer was the longest USFS-approved trail re-route at the time of its construction in 2016. Due to its success as a more advanced trail that has held up well with regular maintenance by local volunteers, it has opened the gates to more new trail construction in the PNF.

A man riding his bike on top of some rocks

Big Branch Bike Park Onslow County, NC

The Big Branch Bike Park, known by locals as B 3, was designed by Community Trail Design and built in a partnership with CTD & Trail Dynamics in 2021. Located on the bluffs of the New River in Onslow County, NC, these fun trails in rolling topography will surprise you for being only 20 miles from the Atlantic Coastline. With the creative design work by Craig Brickser, CTD, the TD construction team was able to take full advantage of the terrain along the bluffs. When out on the trails at B 3, it’s hard to tell you’re not somewhere in the Piedmont of, NC. The popularity of the bike park has given the local trail community a safe & fun place to recreate. It has also become a training facility for the extremely successful NICA middle school & high school mountain bike team. 

A man on a bike jumping over a wooden bridge.